At InTouch we don’t suffer from the extreme monolingual position of HAVING to teach English only in English. In fact, although we fully understand that that is the only option available to most EFL teachers, and much good work is done in that way, we support the view that teacher knowledge of students’ L1 (mother tongue) is most helpful in understanding student problems in learning English. Not the be-all and end-all, but certainly very, very useful.

So, when a new student books with us, we check their linguistic background. If we don’t have staff with a solid working knowledge of the student’s L1, we find someone who does, or we set about learning the structures of that language to be able to predict – and solve ahead of time – any snags that might waste time in the classroom.

In this way every learning experience is tailor-made, responsive and respectful of where students come from, and we’re in a unique position to assist you with to-the-point and customised teaching.

Students are not livestock, to be bundled into a kraal and given a fits-all-sizes solution. Every student learns differently, uses different areas of his/her brain, and comes from a different background that can be built on. So, welcome to our international classrooms and linguistically informed methods.

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