Project-based ELT (3): First Aid

Level: Pre-intermediate and higher. Tasks and instructions can be adapted by the teacher to suit the level.

Suitable for:  Teens and adult learners; pairs or small groups

Skills/structures:   Passive; “what is it used for”?(gerund); vocabulary

You will need: a First Aid box with the basic items listed in the tool below.


The British NHS has an ” interactive First Aid kit” that can be most helpful in doing this project if tablets are available in class., with a text-only option available if the classroom doesn’t use technology.


free first aid image

How to go about it:

1. Elicit any vocabulary items and other language related to medical situations and First Aid. Specifically elicit “First Aid” and have a short group discussion on what it means.

2. Feed or discuss the items on the NHS list and briefly go over the language structure needed (at the appropriate level for your class) to describe the items and their uses.

3. Divide the class into two or three pairs or small groups, depending on class size, and let them make up a First Aid kit for  (1) farm (2) office (3) tour bus. (A family First Aid kit can also be discussed as an alternative to any of the other three).

Each group has to present their kits, and the reasons why they included some items and not others for their specific situation. A whole group discussion can follow after you’ve made language and content notes on each small group – for example, you can discuss whether to include painkillers (NOT in a public setting but perhaps in a family kit), or the use of mouthpieces for CPR.


This is just an idea and a rough guide: the possibilities are endless! Enjoy and feel free to give feedback on your class session!



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