1. The Boot Camps

Two weeks long – from Sunday afternoon arrival to departure on Friday afternoon 12 days later, the Boot Camps take place at an idyllic conference setting near Cape Town and consist of intensive English tuition for 6-8 hours per day, interrupted by a weekend outing to the Garden Route. The tour is based on English exercises and is a wonderful opportunity to practice and see English in natural contexts. Level:       Can be customized to any level Cost:         $2000pp, everything included, except air travel to South Africa.

  1. In-company Intensive Courses

Our intrepid native speaker teachers travel ANYWHERE to deliver quality tuition customized and conceptualized to meet your company needs. A typical two-week course would be at Beginner Level (Oil and Gas speciality) or Intermediate Business English level. Cost:         Starting at $2000 per participant

  1. The Prestige One-Year to Fluent English Course

Six participants start with no knowledge of English and progress to obtain an IELTS band score of 7. Typically they have two or more teachers for the year, and are housed in comfortable suburban houses where meals are prepared to their taste. Six hours formal and two hours informal English tuition per day, with ample opportunity to practice with locals and weekend activities organized on a regular basis. Cost:         $3500 per participant per month, including accommodation, two meals per day and fortnightly activities.  This course includes extensive use of technology and prepares students for professional functionality on the Internet and in business communication. For serious students.

  1. Online classes

$20 per hour for private classes; $10 per participant for small groups. Any level and any functionality can be covered. NOTE:      All participants of any of our courses have access to free and optional materials online. Our materials are developed to suit your company needs and reflect the company culture if required.

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