New things

So, the course in Angola is still happening, just not EXACTLY when we thought it would. Still planning for May somewhere, but Angola is another planet and the unexpected is to be expected. Uncharted waters, for sure, which is what we excel at at InTouch! Other news is that the hunt for premises has begun, and our hearts point to a studio in Long Street…perfect location, perfect look; everything about it is perfect. But other possibilities are also being considered, so watch this space and share the excitement! Random CT2

We also have the possibility of a farmstay, with a beautiful historical farmhouse available in near Paarl for those who want to do their studying surrounded by old trees, peace and quiet, and the InTouch goats. This option is always available, so let us know if the scene appeals to you! Details are:

– intensive individual 20hrs or 30 hours

– own room and bathroom

– two meals per day provided

– $2500/2700 per month, including all of the above. Internet access included, although this can be patchy at times. The option can also be adapted for couples or colleagues who study together.

The relative remoteness of the option means some SERIOUS study with not much distraction, and would suit students who don’t require instant access to nightlife! On the upside horse-riding (for the intrepid) is available.

Schwaenli in beswyming

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