New Horizons!

After this rather extended silence we are HAPPY to report that we have finally settled in our new location AND that the school has found premises that are currently being renovated. Photos to follow!

We are in now in the small town of Hopefield, in the West Coast/Swartland area of the western Cape province of South Africa. This location is ideal for

1.) serious, mature students who want minimal distraction and concentrate on their English studies

2.) adventure sports types, especially water sports enthusiasts. We are 35km away from Langebaan, a well-known water sports centre with its wonderful lagoon.  Being this close to the best the South African coast has to offer means seafood, fresh air, and wide open spaces.

Of course, we still offer a full programme over weekends, and in the course of a month you can expect to visit Cape Town centre at least twice, and more if you wish to take that option.

Hopefield is full of history and mystery and weird types…but perfect for our English for Equestrian Purposes course, as well as the English for Tourism speciality.(Check the pages for more info or contact us with your specific needs and we would be happy to customise something for you).

The beauty of being in the country is that we can do what we want – we are an OUT OF THE BOX LANGUAGE SCHOOL!  And with the Rand at an all-time low we can do all this at very competitive prices and give you easily the best value for your money. We hope to see you in 2016!

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