Went to do a check today to see how the new premises are progressing. Naturally things go a little bit more slowly over the festive season, but everything is still on schedule!


Here are a few photos to show how an empty apartment, that stood enpty for many years, is progressing and being dollied up to receive students within the month. Cupboards are being adapted to form bookshelves, carpets are being pulled up to reveal the beautiful wooden floors below, and tiles are being replaced to  produce a reasonably modern shower room (for after your dance lesson…) and separate toilet, with a kitchenette in between.



And, a sneak preview on the courtyard of the hotel that the premises borders on, where students can get room, bed and breakfast for just more than $750 per month!


We look forward to seeing these rooms and areas occupied soon!

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2 Responses to Premises

  1. That looks an amazing project. Well done and all the best for 2016 with your new school. I would love to do a similar project in the future possibly in 2020 when I set up a school in South Korea.

    • HNR says:

      Thanks Martin! Yes, indeed, this is interesting but has also been very difficult and frustrating to get off the ground, not helped a bit by moving the entire family (including about 20 animals) 100km away, dealing with incompetent municipalities and dishonest estate agents…but it’s a dream, and it’s slowly but surely becoming a reality. We have the people, the materials, the experience, hopefully the accreditation in the New Year; now we need to start contacting agents and getting the ball rolling. Thanks for watching and commenting!

      On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 7:40 AM, InTouch Language School wrote:


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