Equestrian English

We don’t know how many other language schools IN THE WORLD do this, but we offer, from February this year, an English for special purposes module for horse-lovers. Initially this will consist of a 20 hours GE (of which 5 will be horse-riding-related) plus 10 hours practical work with the InTouch horses in the afternoons per week.  More levels and more specialist modules will be added as demand grows and we become better at this.

The practical part may consist of learning about anatomy, tack, stable management, or learning to ride! It can therefore be adapted to suit any level of English. In South Africa, horse-riding is far more accessible as a sport than in most European and other countries, and this is a delightful opportunity to learn two skills at once!

EE costs FROM US$220 per week

Check out some of our horses here:

IMG_6281Mixit stunning on lungeNoordhoek picture

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