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ADULT full hall At In Touch we focus on providing services to the Oil & Gas industry, as well as the maritime and other service industries surrounding it.  We currently have talented staff working on designing curricula for other Special Purposes, including tourism and environmental and sustainability applications.



For training employees in the industries we focus on we use published materials, such as the Oxford English for Careers Oil and Gas books, as well as other reputable and proven methods. Every company culture is unique, however, and we are able to design learning materials to target the areas you wish your employees to focus on, and to differentiate and brand materials for future use in your company.



Being very aware of the cost to productivity of sending employees on extended training courses elsewhere, we strive to provide in-service solutions. Although we do provide immersion training at our sites in South Africa, our trainers travel anywhere to provide “kickstart” intensive training at YOUR premises, followed by options that include online learning and assessment, weekly live classes, learning at home and a combination of these.



Throwing all students into one class and assuming that age-old methods will work for everyone is counterproductive and wastes time, money and student motivation. We provide FREE baseline assessments of your employees and advise on the language training path they should follow. Above all, we remain aware of the realities of the developing world areas that we choose to operate in, and strive to provide meaningful training interventions that unlock the potential of your employees.

images (1)Humanising language teaching



Our training and outcomes are based on the criteria of the Common European Framework for language learning, and we negotiate a system of achievement and reporting that tracks results and optimises your training investment.

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