IELTS Preparation

Our IELTS preparation course is

  • intensive and
  • lasts four weeks of
  • four hours lesson time per day. The aim of the course is to prepare you to the best of YOUR ability for taking the test. As the test cannot be failed, we work towards improving and maximising each candidate’s proficiency in order to obtain the highest score possible at that time.


Although a preparation course can start at any time, the following start dates are suggested for the rest of 2016:

31 July

4 September

2 October

29 October

The course fee includes:

  • Materials
  • Intensive preparation by an experienced native speaker teacher
  • Assistance with registration and electronic access to results
  • Free refreshments during breaks

Course content normally includes (depending a little on the requirements of individual candidates):

  • Focus on correct grammar and accuracy (1 of 4 lessons)
  • Vocabulary building and practice in speaking
  • Writing practice (1 + lessons of 4) (very important for a high overall score)
  • Listening practice
  • Reading comprehension of quite complicated texts

If you are of the opinion that you don’t need such intensive preparation and would like to arrange individual classes (see our fee structure at or would like to negotiate, as a group, to have only 2 classes per day, we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. On the other hand, you COULD do a seriously intensive preparation of SIX hours per day, which would be the 4 hours as mentioned, plus two hours conversation and speaking classes in the afternoon.

For international applicants, we have the option to combine the four weeks of preparation with various outings over the weekends, including one Garden Route tour. These trips provide an ideal opportunity to practice your speaking and vocabulary building, and include reading comprehension tests and writing tasks. Contact us for a quote!

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Looking forward to having you on board!

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