NEW! Professional Development 

Yes, look at our teacher course offering below, but also check out the blog stream “Curated Teacher Resources” where we will be re-publishing regular webinars, teaching tips and resources as a handy quick reference for those interested in professional development. We are proud members of Cambridge English Teacher.

ADULT full hall

Our teacher training course

There is a need, across Africa (and elsewhere!), for well-trained non-native English teachers who are linguistically and grammatically solid. We specialise in training and preparing you for being a star in the field!

Our two-month course (4 hours+ per day)offers:

– 150 hour TEFL course ( which you might not finish in that time) which we curate, explain and support

– intensive grammar correction and training to C1-C2 level

– language learning and teaching theory from linguist experts in the field

– attending and discussing Cambridge English Teacher webinars

– on-going support and access to our online resources


COST: R5500 (INTRODUCTORY OFFER), including all registration fees, TEFL course, materials and our usual “fringe benefits”.

Minimum 10 on a course, first starting date 20 June 2016.

You need to provide proof of scoring B1-B2 on the online CEFR test.

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