The Riding Centre

West Coast Riding Yard

A West Coast riding yard.

Our Equestrian English course should perhaps be called “English for Horsemanship”, as all aspects of caring for, riding and relating to horses are covered. You do NOT get your horse saddled and hand him over to a groom after riding!

Horse-riding in South Africa is more informal and accessible than in many other places in the world, and we would like to share that experience. You touch, groom, clean, tack up, ride and feed the horse and learn about anatomy, parts of tack and “horsey” vocabulary.

We currently have a 40 x 20 dressage arena, a small jumping course combined with a cross-country course and installations for horse games. Check out our horses and their stories below!

MercuryMercury is our stalwart at the moment. He is used for beginners on the lunge, vaulting and with firm juniors and adults who can overcome his slightly lazy nature. 14.1hh, Friesian, a beautiful boy, quite feisty, fantastic on outrides (fast when he wants to be!) and a fast learner that will once day be used for novice dressage. Jumps 60cm at a Friesian trot and can go much higher.

mixitMixit, our Saddlebred mare, is the typical moody mare but very kind to beginners and inexperienced riders. Forward going, clever, sometimes a little mad but always graceful and good for learning the “finer things”. Currently being schooled for novice dressage and more. Jumps 80 centimetres at the moment, but doesn’t always understand why…

Vera 16 June

At rising 5, Vera is the baby of the farm. At 14.1hh she may measure pony forever, or may grow into “JUST horse”. She is recently backed but has basic schooling done and is very clever, agile and willing. Continuing her schooling she is good on outrides and LOVES jumping and games.

CBCharlie Brown, also affectionately known as Mr Elephant because he’s so broad and big to ride, is a TB gelding of almost 7. He’s an honest horse (if a little lazy) and does what you ask him to. Currently being schooled for novice dressage and more, he jumps anything you point him at and has a quiet nature.

Spike Spike (actually, Graziano) is the newest addition and won’t stay long once he’s schooled, so come and catch him while you can! Unraced thoroughbred gelding, he has almost perfect conformation and stands at 16hh. At 5, the world is his oyster and we are very excited to see how he will develop.

gypsyGypsy, the perfect pony, is the oldest of all the horses at 16 – not very old at all and at the peak of her powers, so to speak. Feisty and strong, she is used for pony rides and the lunge with little ones and beginners, and is waiting for that special child rider who understands her and ride her successfully to show off everything she can do. She can go for hours, jumps like a star and likes to go fast at all times.

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